Unique Engagement Ring Ideas to Consider


A unique engagement rings are the most desired by brides to be because they ensure that they stand out from other choices. Having a one of a kind customized ring is also a sign that your groom put a lot of thought into what to get you, or may have even sought your input in having it created. The extra effort in ensuring you have the perfect engagement ring is always appreciated. While the presence of white diamond stones is highly popular, there is no reason that this cannot be mixed in with other gemstones. A great idea when mixing stones is to add a choice that matches with the bride’s favorite color, eye color or even her birthstone. Choices for this like sapphires are particularly popular because they are hardy and come in an interesting array of shades. Even when it comes to the diamond itself, there are different colors you can go for including yellow, black and pink.

Another interesting design to consider is that of matching. Many women have come to like the trend of having an engagement ring that matches and can be intertwined with her eventual wedding ring. Not only can they be matched to the bride’s wedding ring, but also that of the groom. Stacking options are very popular as they allow women to add gemstones and even bands to the ring as anniversaries are celebrated. Another way you can manipulate the design of a customized ring would be to try for filigree designs. Filigree engagement rings involve the use of manipulating the wires to form a range of curls and twists to the band. This can be done round stones for the best effect or even all round the band. By working with your jeweler you can use one, or even all, of these ideas in tandem to create a signature engagement ring that will delight any bride to be.


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